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Keratoconus is an eye disease where the front surface of the eye progressively changes from a round to cone like shape. As a result, your vision is blurry and distorted with glasses. We fit specialty contacts including hybrid and scleral lenses which enables people with keratoconus to have clear and comfortable vision with contact lenses.

Dry eyes can be caused by several factors including age , medications, heavy computer use, wearing contact lenses, history of lasik surgery and allergies. It can be a chronic or temporary condition that causes blurry vision, redness, and severe eye irritation. Often times over the counter drops provide temporary relief.  Our office has advanced treatment options, just talk to you Family Eye Colorado doctor and they can work with options best for your eyes.  BioTissue is one of those options, here is some more information - click here.

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As a fully licensed and equipped optometric practice, Family Eye Clinic offers a complete range of eye care services to all of our patients.


Whether the eye care you need involves correcting refractive errors with eyeglasses or contact lenses, finding the perfect frame, knowing the best sunglass protection, or diagnosing and treating eye conditions and diseases, our experienced team will identify and implement the best eye care solutions for you.

Eye Health Evaluation

With our years of experience in diagnosing and treating vision disorders and diseases such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, amblyopia, presbyopia, dry eyes, cataracts, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy, all of the optometrists at our office are qualified to provide appropriate therapeutic routine and medical eye care.

Treatment of Eye Disease

If you are diagnosed with an eye disease, you want the best services available to treat and monitor your condition.  The doctors at Family Eye Clinic, stay current with best treatment practices.  Based on your diagnosis, we may recommend a wide variety of approaces, including nutrition for your eyes, eyelid hygine, prescription medications, therapy and vision exercises or medical procedures.

Good Eyecare Begins With A Yearly Eye Exam!

Although many do not realize it, the best way to protect your vision is with an annual eye exam.  A comprehensive eye exam can instantly detect many health-threatening conditions, such as tumors, vascular irregularities, and diabetes-related complications within the retina.  These are just a few of the reasons Family Eye Clinic recommends that you have an exam each year.

optomap retinal exam

In our continued efforts to bring the most advanced technology available to our patients, our team of doctors are proud to announce the inclusion of the Optomap Retinal Exam as an integral part of your eye exam.

Many eye problems can develop without warning and progress with no symptoms. Early on, you might not notice any change in your vision. However, diseases such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, retinal tears or detachments, as well as other health problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure, can often be detected with a thorough exam of the retina. The retina is the part of your eye that catches the image of what you are looking at, similar to the film in a camera.

An Optomap Retinal Exam provides:

  • A scan to confirm a healthy eye or detect the presence of disease.
  • An overview or map of the retina, giving your eye doctor a more detailed view than he can achieve by other means.
  • The opportunity for you to view and discuss the Optomap images of your eye with your doctor at the time of your exam.
  • A permanent record for your medical file, enabling your optometrist to make important comparisons if potential problems show themselves at a future examination.

Our doctors all work with BioTissue and PROKERA®, a biologic corneal bandage device made with amniotic membrane, used to heal and treat eye diseases such as keratitis, common dry eye, recurrent corneal erosions, filamentary keratitis, persistent epithelial defects, perpetic ulcers, and many other ocular surace diseases.  PROKERA® facilitates healing with less inflammation, pain and scarring.

corneal refractive therapy

Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT) - also known as "Orthokeratology", is a great advancement in refractive therapy for our patients.  CRT allows you to see clearly without glasses or contacts during the day.  Specifically designed therapeutic contact lenses gently reshape the front surface of your eye while you sleep.  Imagine great vision all day without the hassle of glasses or the problems with dust, allergies or dryness that can come while wearing contacts.  This makes CRT ideal for our younger patients who are active in sports and activities.  CRT has also been shown to slow the progression of nearsightedness in children and teenagers.  No more worries about broken frames or torn contact lenses.

We are excited to have the best technology in our office.  Our newest addition is the Optical Coherence Tomography, or OCT .  This technology has changed the way eye care professionals analyze the retina, optic disc  and anterior segment structures of the eye.  This test has the ability to give our doctors the valuable information needed to diagnose and monitor multiple eye conditions (a few listed below) and also assist in the fitting of specialized contact lenses

optovue iwellness p1 iScan
  • age-related macular degeneration
  • macular edema
  • macular hole
  • macular pucker
  • retinal detachments
  • glaucoma
  • central serous retinopathy
  • diabetic retinopathy
  • vitreous traction

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